Your Precinct Number is a 10 digit number that tells you not only your District and 3-digit Precinct number but also your district number for Congress, State House and State Senate elections.

Finding Your 10 Digit Precinct Number

Look up your 10 Digit Precinct Number by Verifying your Registration at Go Vote Colorado.

On the right side of that page, select “Verify/Update Record” and follow the instructions. At the bottom of your individual registration page will be your 10 digit precinct number.

Interpreting your Precinct Number

Your District can found by looking at the 3rd from the last number on your Precinct Number. Your 3-digit precinct number is the last three digits of the 10 digit number.

precinct number

Click on your District below to connect to the Republican organization in your neighborhood and to see a map of your precinct:

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