560 AM KLZ

(Contributor's Notes) This Contributor started listening to KLZ for the "Patriot Joe" perspective of Grassroots Radio Colorado. After I programmed a button on my car radio for
the station, I found out they have other programming that keeps me listening in. Like every other free-thinking Conservative, I don't agree with every word these hosts say, but it is
thought-provoking and informative.

The Laura Ingraham Show - Weekdays 7 to 10 AM - 1-800-876-4123
The Michael Hart Show - Weekdays 3 to 5 PM
Grassroots Radio Colorado - Weekdays 5 to 7 PM - 303-477-5600
The Savage Nation with Michael Savage - Weekdays 9 PM to Midnight - 800-449-8255



(Contributor's Notes) At the beginning of the day, some people want to be inspired by a media hero who will take on and expose injustices and political corruption…while some
radio listeners would rather hear callers talking about the latest buzz in Colorado. Yet others want investigative journalism on the fringe of civilized society. All of these things and
more…much, much more…are what make "Carnival Barker" Peter Boyles and the Peter Boyles Show the #1 listened-to morning show in the Denver programming market. KHOW
is also where you get to hear the weekday radio programs of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

The Peter Boyles Show - Weekdays 5 to 9 AM - 303-713-8255 (303-713-TALK)
The Glenn Beck Program- Weekdays Noon to 3 PM - 888-727-BECK (888-727-2325)
The Sean Hannity Show - Weekdays 7 to 10 PM - 800-941-7326 (800-941-SEAN)



(Contributor's Notes) For thoughtful and important programming offered in the spirit of intelligence, candor and goodwill beginning before the sun comes up, Bill Bennett brings it.
Being a member of the Reagan Administration is *just one* of the feathers in this man's cap. The Denver-Area locals of Kelley and Company follow him in the line-up, who are, in
turn, followed by Hollywood-Type-Comedian-Turned-Republican Dennis Miller. After that comes the wisdom and political commentary of the great philosopher, Dennis Prager.
After nationally syndicated Prager comes a whole line-up of other stellar syndicated programs…Mike Gallagher, (HBS) Hugh Hewitt (very smart program), Mark Levin (the "Great
One"), and Michael Medved.

Bill Bennett's Morning In America - Weekdays 4 to 7 AM - 866-680-6464
Kelley and Company - Weekdays 7 to 9 AM - (local phone number given)
The Dennis Miller Show - Weekdays 9 to 11 AM - 866-509-RANT (866-509-7268)
The Dennis Prager Show - Weekdays 11 AM to 1 PM - 877-243-7776 (8-PRAGER-776)
The Mike Gallagher Show - Weekdays 1 to 4 PM - 800-655-MIKE (800-655-6453)
The Hugh Hewitt Show - Weekdays 4 to 7 PM - 800-520-1234
The Mark Levin Show - Weekdays 7 to 10 PM - 877-381-3811
The Michael Medved Show - Weekdays 10 PM to 1 AM - 800-955-1776


850 AM KOA

(Contributor's Notes) This is where the Big Kids play. As far as this Contributor is concerned, there are two radio programs in Colorado Talk Radio not to be missed; Mike Rosen and
Rush Limbaugh. Rosen, not only rational and lucid on fiscal issues (while sometimes frustratingly irrational on social issues), is smart and scholarly on them. When you call the
show, avoid saying "How are you doing? Thank you for taking my call." He is doing fine and you are welcome. Get right to the point, be thoughtfully prepared, and only repeat
your statements if it is clear that he missed them the first time. Limbaugh is a loud-mouthed blow-hard, always has been and probably (hopefully) always will be. Liberal listeners and
callers don't understand that this is both funny and entertaining, because they don't want to understand this. They are Liberals, so they are usually angry about something from the
word "go". Rush is hated by Democrats, is feared by RINOs, loves the Tea Party Movement, and takes the side of the Christian Conservative. He is *the* Conservative Talk Radio
trailblazer, having cleared the path for all others to follow.

The Mike Rosen Show - Weekdays 9 AM to Noon - 303-713-8585
The Rush Limbaugh Show - Weekdays Noon to 3 PM - 800-282-2882