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Making a Difference in 2023

In just four short months, here is what the Democrats have given us.








We can make a difference in the 2024 elections by what we do in 2023. We have a year to build our organization and prepare for 2024. 


Last year when we met with state party leadership, we set a goal of getting 10% votes above our Denver base for statewide candidates. We did that for State Treasurer and came close for the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the State Board of Education. We were able to provide financial support for our active local candidates. And we paid off all our debt from the last two election cycles.


We have started making a difference by filling fifteen of eighteen district captain positions at our county February organizational meeting. This includes six new captains.   


  • We want to have an impact on the school board elections in November.


  • We want to double our caucus attendance next March.


  • We want to provide campaign training for all of our local Denver candidates.


Please help us by making a difference with a $10 or $25 recurring monthly contribution to the Denver Republican Party.

Make a Recurring Contribution

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