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Republican Principles

Freedom — Freedom is given by God to all people and is the basis of our nation as established by our Founders. Freedom from tyranny is the cornerstone of our Declaration of Independence.   Our freedoms are protected by our Constitution. As a nation, we continually and fervently guard our many guaranteed freedoms to ensure that they will last forever. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 to defeat slavery throughout our nation.

Limited Government — Our national government, and all state and local governments, were originally designed to be limited in scope by decentralizing authority. Our national and state Constitutions spell out the powers and limitations of government. They are specifically designed to prevent the abuse of power and corruption by all governmental representatives and officials and to ensure that all laws at every level are applied equally to all members of our society. This type of government allows businesses to thrive in a competitive and innovative environment, where taxes are kept low, and where individual potential and economic growth can be achieved. Limited governments protect individual rights while enacting only regulations and laws, and adding new departments and programs, which are limited, carefully considered, and necessary to further protections and goals for the entire community. 

Common Sense Fiscal Policies — Conservative governmental fiscal policies provide the most stable economy, curb inflationary prices, keep tax rates and taxes as low as possible, increase employment in all sectors, provide affordable and abundant energy, and reduce market interest rates. Limiting government spending to necessary services, balancing government budgets at all levels, encouraging a free and less regulated economy in which businesses of all sizes are able to thrive, and steadily paying off our astronomical $32 Trillion+ national debt, lead to a welcoming and robust economy that benefits everyone.


Peace through Strength — A strong military and national defense are the best deterrents against foreign aggression, and strong border security is the best defense against the illegal trafficking of drugs, children, and persons who intend to do harm. Our national, state, and local governments have a responsibility to properly fund and manage our military defense, protection, and law enforcement officers and resources. All such measures aid in the domestic protection of all Americans and their guaranteed life, liberty, and right to pursue happiness. The great ability of our US military to protect Americans, and many others throughout the world, is due to our belief in the importance of peace through strength.

Strong Families — A foundational value of our nation is to provide a safe and strong culture that allows families to nurture, educate, and rear their children, and care for aging family members, in a secure, strong, and non-threatening local, state, and national society and government. Families are the all-important basic unit of our nation. 

Individualism — The spirit of the individual is the foundation of the United States as a world economic power. Each individual is important and has the right to be treated in that way. The success of the United States in almost every facet of human endeavor, invention, medicine, economic powerhouse, art, reduction of poverty, space, and education results from focusing on the individual and the tremendous opportunities and liberties available to all.

Personal Responsibility — Our tremendous freedoms in the United States are not free. For freedoms to survive, each individual must take personal responsibility for their own actions, decisions, and goals. It is the responsibility of our government officials and public policy to create and maintain communities in which individual efforts can and will be successful. Many achieve success, comfortable lives and futures, and financial security through exercising their freedoms to acquire education, work diligently, and remain accountable.


Education Rights — The success and future of our nation depend on rearing children with the best possible education. Children have the right to attend safe and drug-free schools. Every parent has the right and the primary responsibility to arrange for the most effective education for their children. Pre-K through 12 must focus primarily on providing quality basic education, including math, reading, writing, science, history, civics, the arts, and sports. To ensure that each child has the opportunity for the best possible education, each family should have the right to choose which school or other type of education will be best for each child.  Payment vouchers equal to the public school total per-student cost for each child should be given annually to each family for use in paying for all or part of any form of Pre-K-12 education chosen by the family. The ability for parents to select schools for their children using a voucher system helps the United States stay competetive and strong, and helps individuals realize their dreams.

Opportunity for All — Only in the United States does everyone have the opportunity, through hard work, education, and determination, to chart one’s own course, start a business, chase a dream, and build their own life, regardless of their gender, race, or religion. Throughout its history and primarily because of its free market economic system and the strong work ethic of Americans, the United States has provided many more opportunities for more individuals than any other country in the world. It is the responsibility of limited government to support these goals of the individuals and to not place legal or policy obstacles in their way without a valid and understandably important societal reason.

True Compassion and Assistance — Our successful society and culture help people rise to their potential. Government efforts to assist those in need should be truly helpful to those being assisted, not only caring for their immediate needs, but providing the resources to help them work their way out of their difficulties and back into society, while providing a safety net to those who are unable to do so. 

Energy Independence — Dependence on foreign oil and energy threatens our national security and our economy. The United States must continue to develop and pursue our own domestic energy resources including, but not limited to: petroleum, natural gas, coal, hydro-electric, wind, solar, and nuclear. 

Sanctity of Human Life — The Constitution’s guarantee that no one can “be deprived of life, liberty or property” echoes the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation that “all” are “endowed by their Creator” with the inalienable right to life. We support the sanctity of human life. 

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