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Be A Poll Watcher

An Election Watcher (Poll Watcher) observes the election process by watching election judges doing their various jobs during an election.  Election Watchers can report any violations they witness.  (Please see a list of the election jobs under Election Judges).

This is an unpaid, voluntary position.  Times to watch are more flexible than working as an Election Judge, and you can move around to watch at different locations throughout the day.

You must be appointed to this position, generally by the Republican party, a candidate or a specific Issue committee, depending on the type of election.


Once each calendar year you must first take take a training course through the Secreatary of State's office.  After completion, you will be issued a Certificate which you must share with whomever is appointing you to watch, and which you must have it in your possession whenever you engage in election watching.


Denver's Republican party has created additional helpful information which you receive when you recieve your certificate and are assigned to a location to be an Election Watcher.

For more information contact Diane Wolta, 303.548.0523

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