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Voter Rolls Clean Up

How you can help clean up Colorado voter rolls

The following is provided by the Colorado Republican Party Election Integrity Team and the Denver Republican Party.


We need all Colorado voters to follow this process for any mail ballots that arrive for someone who does not reside at a residence where they live, work, or receive mail.

This process will work for ballots sent to voters who are:

● Deceased

● Adult children that have moved away

● Previous residents and/or tenants that no longer live at an address

● Former residents that no longer reside at a health facility, group home, rehabilitation center

● Dorm residents or college students no longer living at that location

● Any mail ballot that goes to an address where a voter does not currently reside or receive mail


Follow these steps carefully for mail ballots that arrive at your residence or mailing address ONLY for voters that do not reside there and/or receive mail there.


Step 1: Leave the mail ballot envelope sealed. DO NOT open. DO NOT throw it away. DO NOT tear it up. NEVER forward it.

Step 2: Write directly on the mail ballot envelope: “Return to Sender - Undeliverable.” For voters who have passed away, write: “Return to Sender - Deceased - Undeliverable” DO NOT write over the voter’s name, address, or the barcode. DO NOT write on any mail that is sent to addresses other than your own address(es) - very important!

Step 3: Place the ballot envelope in a United States Postal Service (USPS) mailbox. No postage needed.

Note: DO NOT place in drop off boxes, but only in a USPS mail box.  DO NOT return it to the Clerk & Recorder’s office, take it to a polling location, or drop off at ANY other locations. It is very important it goes back through USPS and is marked “undeliverable” to trigger the appropriate process.

  • Write down the voter’s name and/or take a photo of the mail ballot envelope with “undeliverable” on it when you send it back in through USPS.

Step 4: Encourage everyone you know to check their voter registration at and to track their ballot by signing up for Ballot Trax at


By taking these crucial steps now, fewer ballots will be sent out to incorrect addresses for future elections. The voter that no longer resides at the location will be marked inactive, ballots will no longer continue to be sent out to that address, and after a time, the voter’s registration will be canceled unless the voter takes action on their voter registration.

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