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2024 Initiative Filings

The November 5, 2024 election promises to be the longest ballot in Colorado history.  There are over fifty ballot initiatives.  Two had signatures verified and on the ballot.  Twenty-four are out for petition circulation. Seventeen are in pending Supreme Court action. Sixteen have the title set but not yet approved for petition circulation.

This does not include the referred questions from the state legislature or the City and County of Denver.

The Denver Clerk and Recorder, Paul Lopez on May 2, 2024 estimated the ballot for Denver will be eight pages long.

       List of Initiatives and their Status

2024 Referred Ballot Measurers

The Colorado legislature has placed the following measures on the November 5, 2024 election ballot.


Repeal of the state constitutional ban on same sex marriage.  SCR24-003


6.5% tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition.  HB24-1349


Deny the right to bail to those charged with first-degree murder when proof is evident (reverses a state Supreme Court decision).  HCR24-1002


Allow the state to keep $29 million in sports betting tax revenue that exceed the amount forecast in Proposition DD.  HB24-1349


Accelerate timelines for filing referendum petitions and publishing information about the measures, among other election calendar changes.  SCR24-002

Denver Public Schools to submit $975 Million bond issue to voters - What is included in the ask?

RTD (Regional Transportation District) asking to be removed from TABOR limits. 

The request was unanimously approved by the RTD Board on June25, 2024  More Information

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