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Date                                     Topics

December 14, 2022                        Year End Wrap Up - From the Chairman, Biennial Meetings, and Denver Rubilican

                                                         Women Holiday Party

October 14, 2022                            Ballot Questions, Marla Ferdnandez - HD3, Jack Daus -HD4, Don Howell - HD6,                                                                           Tom Cowhick - HD9, Yard Signs, No October Happy Hour

September 20, 2022                      Johnnie Johnson - HD5, Amy Naes – Regent CD1, Happy Hour

August 16, 2022                             Angel Saunders – Secretary, Jennifer Qualteri – CD1, John Kellner Attorney General,

                                                       Happy Hour, TABOR 

July 21, 2022                                 Guillermo Diaz – HD1, Denver Trash Fees, Denver Initiatives Update

June 23, 2022                                Ray Elliott – 3rd Vice Chair, Stephanie Wheeler – HD2, New Fees, Happy Hour                                        

June 10, 2022                                Happy Hour, Diane Wolta - 2nd Vice Chair, Hilleary Waters - HD8, Volunteers Wanted

May 25, 2022                                 Wendy Warner – 1st Vice Chair, Happy Hour, Office Hours, Primary Ballots Drop,                                                                           New Website Coming

May 10, 2022                                 Happy Hour Returns, Join the Denver GOP Team, Calendar Updated

April 28, 2022                                 New County Chair, Bylaw Changes, PCP Training

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