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State Assembly and Convention


The state assembly is held every two years on the even years.

The state assembly meets after the district and county assemblies and is held in April.  The purpose of the state assembly is to nominate candidates for statewide offices to the primary election ballot.


A candidate needs at least 30% of the assembly votes cast to be placed on the primary election ballot.


In 2024 the assembly will designate candidates for At-Large Regent of the University of Colorado.


The assembly will also approve resolutions to constitute the platform of the Colorado Republican Party.  It will also consider and adopt rules and conduct all other business of the Republican Party that may properly and lawfully come before such assembly.

In 2024 (Presidential Election Year), the state assembly and convention will be held.  The state convention will select delegates and alternates to the national convention.  A total of ten delegates and ten alternates will be selected for the national convention.

The date is set for April 6, 2024 and will held at Southwest Motors Arena (Colorado State Fairgrounds), 1001 Beulah Avenue, Pueblo, CO  80014.  


The national convention will select the party candidate for President and adopt a national platform.  The selected Presidential candidate will nominate their Vice President running mate.  The national convention in 2024 will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will be held on July 15 – 18, 2024.

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