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Please note: This description of caucus applies to Denver County.  There may be variations of what occurs at caucus depending on which county you live in.  

What is a caucus?


Caucus is the first step in the process of party organization, leadership elections, and candidate nominations.  They occur every two years during the even numbered years.

Several items of business occur at caucus.  Two people are elected to fill the position of "Precinct Committee Person", often known as a "PCP".  These are the leaders for the precinct.  They are sometimes also known as precinct chairs. These two PCPs serve a term of two years, up to and through the next caucus.  PCPs also serve as members of the county's Central Committee, which elects all county party leaders, and is the main political governing body for the party for the county.  Election judges are recruited at caucus.

At the caucus, delegates and alternates are elected to the County Assembly.  These delegates and alternates will represent your precinct at the County Assembly, state legislative assemblies, and will elect delegates and alternates for the State Assembly and/or Conventions.  Caucus participants can also submit and vote on resolutions for consideration at the County and State Assemblies.   


When are the 2024 caucuses?


The next Republican caucus for the County of Denver will occur on Thursday, March 7, 2024.  There may be other counties that will hold their caucus on Saturday, March 9, 2024.  . 


Who may participate?


Registered voters who have been affiliated with the Republican party for at least 22 days prior to the caucus, and who have resided in their precinct for at least 22 days.


Anyone is welcome to attend the caucus but must be registered with the Republican Party in their precinct in order to vote in the caucus.


If you turn 18 or become a U.S. citizen during the two-month period prior to the caucuses and registered to vote prior to the day of the caucuses, you may participate in the caucus.


What precinct do I live in?


Look it up at Click on the “Find my registration” link and then click "County & District Information"  to see your precinct and political districts. To access your voter information, you must enter your name, date of birth and zip code. The last three numbers of the ten digit precinct number indicate your county precinct number.


Where is my precinct caucus?


            Locations of the precinct caucus can be found on this webpage: Denver Caucus Locations.


What time do the caucuses start?


Caucus meetings start at 7:00 pm.   Participants are encouraged to show up about thirty minutes early for check in.

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