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All Americans Should be Concerned

May 31, 2024

Yesterday’s verdict in Trump’s New York trial should be a concern for all Americans.  The District Attorney for the Manhattan District of New York said during his election campaign he “would go after Trump” and made it one of his campaign promises.  His campaign was funded in part by George Soros.


Olean Times Herald – April 5,2023 – A Campaign Promise Kept


It is no coincidence this case was brought during the election year.  Several key factors give every appearance that it is politically motivated.  Americans expect justice based on a fair process.  When the process is not fair as in this case, it becomes political.  Important concerns arise from such court rulings as the denial of a venue change request, the failure of the judge to recuse himself, the rejection of a critical expert defense witness, and prejudicial jury instructions. – May 30, 2024 – Five Jury Instructions Suggesting Conviction


The questions about recusal stem from donations from the judge made to Democrats, including organizations supporting President Biden, in violation of New York state ethics codes.  The business relationships of the judge’s daughter who is the President of Authentic Campaigns, whose clients include Adam Schiff (D-Calif) and raised millions of dollars for the Democrats.


New York Post – March 30, 2024 – Daughter of NY judge...raised $93M off the case


The Guardian - May 18, 2024 – Trial Judge rebuked for donations  


The abnormal jury instructions were fifty-four pages long and it took over an hour to read them to the jury.  A copy of the instructions was not provided to the jury.  This case is ripe for appeal and will be appealed. 


The Washington Times – May 30, 2024 – Three Arguments for Appeal – May 30, 2024 – Prosecutions Dubious ‘Election Fraud’ Narrative


It is no coincidence the judge set the sentencing date for July 11, 2024, four days before the Republican National Convention.


This is another example of blatant election interference by the Democrats and state judges, lest we forget what happened here in Colorado in December.  Here are realities that Democrats cannot ignore.  Donald Trump will be nominated in July by the Republicans, he will be on the ballot in November, and the voters will decide.  


Please exercise your American given and protected right to vote in the June primary and, most importantly, in the November General Election!


Roger Rowland


Denver Republican Party


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Republican Principles


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